Georg Gusti Wiblinger & Raphael Pribernig

Georg Gusti Wiblinger & Raphael Pribernig


NeverLightFilms main focus lies on the following formats:

  • Commercials

  • Event videos/after movies

  • Music videos

  • Reports/short documentaries

Based on your ideas NeverLightFilms will plan, shoot and finish your videos in post-production.
The videos are, as required, shot and cut in 4K or 120 frames per second (slow-motion).

You can find an overview of finished projects in the portfolio.

NeverLightFilms was founded in January 2018 by the filmmakers Raphael Pribernig
and Georg Gusti Wiblinger.

The goal is to create new and high-quality videos for customers from all industries by using a fresh and original style. In order to do so NeverLight does not shy away from taking alternative and novel paths.

In addition to orders great emphasis is placed on self-produced short films and videos. At any time the next ambitious
project is in the works.